Walking Your Dog

dog walking

We all love dogs so do you realise that walking your dog also keeps you healthy! At Cheap Dog Supplies why not do it together and stay healthy and it can even help with weight loss too! Our top tips for walking or training your dog is to master the correct dog walk…you must walk in front of your dog as this can help to maintain a leadership with your dog, even leaving your house first followed by your dog can help a good leadership partnership grow. A shorter than usual dog lead can be great to keep the owner in control at all times, especially when training. A great suggestion is to give yourself and your dog plenty of time in learning this new technique or even a new route, and even walking first thing in the morning. One of the benefits here is that one of the best times to exercise is first thing in the morning as this can set your body up to burn body fat throughout the day, this means weight loss for both the dog owner and dog. Please remember that dog treats for your dog during and after is also great, as this can keep them fuelled for a longer walk and replenish your lost energy after a long walk. If your dog is doing really well and following instructions this is also a good time to reward, as with afterwards also. There are plenty of travel products available that are compact and easy to store while walking, and water is crucial to every human and animals body. So enjoy your dog walking this week and get fit too! Even though the winter is closing in, their is still time to get outdoors and especially when looking at pet supplies for your dog, have a look at dog supplies online for some of the very best dog supplies around today.

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