Mucky Carpets thanks to your Pets!

We love our pets and we wouldn’t say a bad word about them…. except when they come back inside after exploring and they are covered in muck! This is especially common in winter when our feline and canine friends traipse in with all sorts on their fur: mud, slush, snow, damp from the rain and other mystery dirt.

While you can do your best to clean them before they enter the living room and snuggle up by the fire, sometimes it is inevitable that your dog, cat, rabbit or ferret brings in dirt that gets on the carpet; it’s a tough job trying to shift those stains or marks. You can scrub away at the carpet and use all sorts of carpet cleaner products, but sometimes the best approach is simply to call in a professional carpet cleaner to ensure those stains are eradicated and your carpet is soon back in pristine condition! Professional carpet cleaning is much more efficient than using the hoover. It kills dust mites, germs and bacteria, removes flea eggs from areas favoured by your pets, and gives your carpets improved colour and softness.

So if Fido or Topsy has left your carpet in a dirty state, don’t delay, act swiftly and get that mess cleaned up! Simply searching or finding a localised carpet company close to you can offer that perfect solution for cleaning those dirty stained carpets from those muddy paws!


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