Is Small Dogs the latest Trend?

small dog trends

A big trend amongst dog owners these days are that they go for the smaller dogs rather than the large, but why? Smaller dog breeds are becoming a little more popular because they are one cheaper to feed and also much easier to care for. Especially in today’s world of hectic lifestyles and can fit well and adapt into the smaller houses and smaller gardens.

A top trend set by the heavy weight celebrities like Paris Hilton who are frequently pictured in newspapers and magazines with their dogs in handbags and also their pockets is become a frequent in Hollywood. But to be honest could you actually imagine Paris walking along with a Great Dane….No! but walking with a little cute Chihuahuas or Pugs, a big Yes.

The Second Big Biggie is buying a Trendy Dog Bed or accessory

A great website to look for all aspects of cheap dog supplies is Dog supplies direct of which have designed them a top website based around trendy beds, as well other great dog accessories. If you are a dog owner that wants to stand out from the crowd, or just sink into it, then we suggest a little look inside the brand new website design.

We also checked with the Kennel Club about some of the facts available and they said that they made more than 20% more registrations of Pugs than in those from 2009, and apparently that is up from nearly 170% since 2005! Wow. They are now firmly in the top ten of pedigree breeds. They also mentioned that nearly double of woman to men are dog owners, especially of small breeds. So get your small dog beds, small handbags and small doggies and enjoy your little pooch.



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