What are Hooded Pet Beds good for?

hooded pet beds

Hooded Dog and Cat Beds

Hooded Pet Beds are probably the most popular on the market, and with various styles, colours and pricing available what are the best? We have taken on the challenge of sharing our favourites in the hooded cat beds market. Currently Gor Pets have a wonderful range including the coral weave, beige suede, brown suede and the red and cream fleece. Let us take an in depth view of these beds below, so please read on…

At Cheap dog supplies we believe that all pets can not resist the temptation or desire to get into various hide away places for either comfort or shelter, the various hooded cat and dog beds are a very cool little snuggle type dens that are the best place for a cat to have a snooze and take a little cat time out, for a little while anyway! These cat and dog beds are a luxury to have and every feline out there would very much love these, with our feedback from some of our customers they have told us that when their cat has seen their new bed, they haven’t come out for ages. So it goes to show that they just love to take a rest, sit back and enjoy the comfort in these cold winter days and nights.

Cat and Small Dog Beds

These Hooded Beds for dogs come in three sizes; Small: (32x36x33cm), Medium (37x44x39cm) and Large (41x49x47cm), all of which can suit every size of feline from kitten to adult cat. When it comes to colours all four colours are very popular, the coral weave is red weaved material on the outside with cream soft inner. The brown suede is both brown inside and out, both of which are hard wearing and very soft indeed, the same can be said for the beige suede which is beige on the inside and out, but again very soft inside. The last of the four is the red and cream fleece, which is colourful on the outside with a comfy cream inner. All come with a specially braided edge made as a feature and high end finish.

Another great point about these cat beds is that all four have detachable inside cushions that can be washed with the bed or without, so if and when they become smelly just toss them into your washing machine at a low 40 degrees for a fresh new smell.


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