Have a Safe Trip!

dog toys and cushionsTraveling with your dogs can be a slightly daunting or sometimes stressful time; we always suggest setting out on the right foot from day one. Firstly keep your dog cool, calm and safe during any short or long journey. Make sure they have a comfy spot, buying a dog cushion is a great start, as there is nothing like a bumpy ride. Plus if you are driving for longer than two hours make sure you stop to stretch your dog’s legs and also the dog owners.

It is very true these days that dogs have become seasoned travelers, so it now the time to get stocked up on all the very best dog supplies for your travels, you may say the summer holidays are over, but for many owners this is just the start. Just remember to think about any dog travel accessories, along with the obvious cushions and bowls.

We have all seen those funny images uploaded throughout social media and other places online of that dog with his head out of the window, tongue flapping and looking hilarious! But traveling isn’t always that simple for dogs, some suffer from travel sickness, and some with anxiety and stress related issues. So do be very careful and make sure your pet is happy and your understand their needs, even simple things like taking his favourite dog toys and chews can be very beneficial, especially in keeping them happy.

Until next time….Woof Woof!

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