Dog Walking and Exercise

Dog Walking WorthingFor all those unhappy people that want to get fit, but lack motivation or even simply time. Dog Walking is a great way to not only get fit, but also keep your dog happy and healthy in your mind, body and spirit. Yes we can all get a personal trainer, go to the gym, but you simply can’t beat walking on those open roads or muddy fields at your local park and dogs just love it! Until you get home that is.

Apparently according to local research in Worthing, Dog Walking will make you fitter compared to going to your local gym, especially if you do some running or jogging too. On average walking your dog will take 25-30 minutes a time, and if you do it twice a day then that’s nearly an hour a day – 7 days a week. Compare this to going to the gym 3-4 days a week, clearly you would be doing at least 2-3 days extra exercise, which means with a healthy diet you will loose weight and become healthy.

Walking with your dog encourages exercise

Some dog walking businesses say that their love for animals is part of them setting up a dog walker business, but also it does help them stay healthy. They say it also is a great way to keep their customers dogs in shape while they are at work, with a vast amount of clients going to work while their pet is at home is it crucial that some dogs and cats get some daily routine.

It is very true that in today’s world we all have to work, but sadly our pets miss out and have to stay at home for up to 9 hours a day. But this is life as we know it and we can’t change the way the world is today. Using a pet service company locally can be great, as they can only charge from £6 upwards and it gets your dog out and about and the exercise he or she needs, leaving the owner happy knowing there pet is looked after while they are at work.

At Cheap Dog Supplies we highly recommend Dog Walking in Worthing small business Paws Pet Service, a business run by Kim Cawdell and family who take pride in their work and just simply love pets. They also provide a cat feeding service too, keeping all your pets happy at home.Dog Walking in Worthing


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