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Dog Training Supplies

When you get a new dog, there is a natural period of adjustment where you and your new pal both size each other up. Your dog will test the boundaries and so you need to set them, but you also want to make friends with your new house mate too. How is it possible to keep both dog and owner happy then? At Pet Supplies Direct we think we have all of the answers, by providing the best dog supplies Sheffield wide, as well as across the country online.

Dog training Supplies can be challenging, and positive re-enforcement is popular. Treating your dog when they behave correctly instead of just telling them off when they are bad has proven very effective. Don’t forget dogs understand simple straightforward commands and signals. They will not understand you ranting about how cross you are that they dug up the carpet when you went to the shop. They will understand that they get something yummy when they don’t dig up the carpet when you go out. Pet Supplies Direct offer a wide range of treats from little nibbles for basic training, to big treats when you’re going out.

A new dog is a lot of work, and as you both get used to each other you don’t have as much time to shop. We deliver dog supplies in Sheffield, and all over the country, for your convenience. We’re a one stop shop for all your food, treats, toys and the various other bits and pieces you’ll find you need as you get used to your new best friend.

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