Dog Supplies London

dog suppliesOur pets can turn into our babies, and like babies they seem to be more and more expensive to keep. Food alone is costly, before you even look at the other bits and pieces. Dogs seem to need more then most, with those big brown eyes pleading for food, treats, toys and the most comfy seat in the house! Food soon gets eaten, treats get enjoyed and toys get played with and need replacing no matter how durable. Pet Supplies Direct provide dog supplies London wide, with the widest range of everything you might need to keep that tail wagging.

You know what’s good for your dog isn’t always what they would pick, but there’s no reason that everyone can’t be happy. Our selection of dog foods are delicious and will still meet your dog’s needs, whether your four legged friend is a veteran or a pup, big or small, or if they have any special dietary requirements. It works out more economical to buy in bulk, and having your dog’s food delivered takes some effort out of your day and some ache out of your arms. Let us take some of the hard work out of keeping your dog happy, you’ll need the energy for their walk later!

Whatever you do don’t forget treats and toys, or you’ll soon know about it, there’s nothing worse then a sulking dog. There is a selection of treats out there from pigs ears to bite size snacks, and they are not just for spoiling your dog, but great for training and positive reinforcement. Toys are a good way for them to learn and get exercise, as well as play with. They are also a handy way of occupying them so you can get a five minute break, much as you love them.

Pet Supplies Direct can deliver dog supplies to London wide, and are convenient as well as good value. Our job is to make sure your pooch is top dog.

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