Dog Beds at Christmas

Dog Beds at Christmas


Every dog absolutely wants and would love a new dog bed and especially for Christmas, so get your dog beds for Christmas before it becomes impossible after the initial Royal Mail delivery cut-off! You may ask cut-off? From December 19th 2012 to get your dog products delivered from us online at 2nd class delivery, this is the last guaranteed point to get your chosen bed on or before the 24th. This date doesn’t actually generally change from year to year; remember also that in 2012 the 24th of December is a Monday. One thing to remember when getting dog beds at Christmas is that the last week before the Christmas period is always busy for any delivery or courier company, so be aware your item may not arrive in time.

So what type of bed should I buy my dog, with various selective products available from beds, cushions, mats, mattresses… along with what colour to choose from, black, grey, red, pink or blue where to start! Firstly the best thing to ascertain is what kind or dog you have and what will there need be, do they love something soft or would they prefer something harder like a plastic type (also available in different colours). As a dog or new puppy owner just decide what would suit your pooch and home and try something to match or something a little more Christmassy, you may even decide to wrap it up and put in a few dog treats inside and watch your new addition go wild! Remember everyone needs a special treat or surprise and this includes your dog, so go on treat them to a little extra love this year.

At Cheap Dog Supplies we highly suggest looking at the juicy selections at Next this festive season, and also a happy new year to everyone. Enjoy and spoil yourself.



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