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dog accesories

Dog Accesories?

At Cheap Dog Supplies News this is a question that keeps cropping up, how do you spell dog accessories? is it one ‘c’ and one ‘s’? or two of each. We personally spell it with two s’s and two c’s, but apparently when you Google dog accesories the wrong way Google is still able to pick this up.

So we decided at cheap dog supplies to do a quick survey and immediately called a very good customer who loves dogs called Shane. He has a beautiful dog called Phil (and also a cat called Craig, but that’s another story for another day) and he is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, this type is a breed is one that needs to be quick and agile. Shane regularly buys various dog accesories from us and when we put the question to him, he said “definitely one of each letter”? When we told him it was spelt dog accessories, he said really!? and immediately got his dictionary out and came back and said oh yeah, that’s a tricky one! An easy mistake to make.

When we call Shane as a matter of courtesy, just to make sure he has all the dog accesories he needs. Being 45 he always has some great stories to tell, this time was no different…

He went on to say that his dog was quick and also quick-witted, his Pembroke Welsh corgi has an active mind and body and it needs daily physical and mental exercise to be at its best in the house. It is devoted and willing to please, it is such a fun-loving, amiable and companionable dog. It is excellent with children, although it can nip at heels in play, He explains only sometimes though!

He also explains that where he lives in Wales, he has many fields around his home and his dog loves to go outside and where naturally these kind of dogs are herders of sleep, Phil naturally wants to organize any kind of animals and people.

When he buys his dog accessories from us along with foods and treats, he always makes sure his dog gets rewarded with some extra accessories.

So after we asked 10 people how to spell dog accessories, the conclusion is that everyone spells the word accessories different, but Google still picks it up so all is good.

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