Should I choose a Collie? Our top tips

Buying a collie tips

We thought that we usually just talk about cheap dog supplies or where to buy them. So on this occasion talking directly about a specific dog would make a better read, the collie (or famously Lassie) is a very outdoors and active and strong dog that combines his natural strength, high speed and gracious nature. Being a dog that can effortlessly produce speed, as well as the high ability to change direction and speed virtually instantly, this is a dog which is sort after for herding. Their truly famous coat can be of two slightly modified types, both look and feel very soft and have a thick undercoat.

With the collie’s expressive nature being an important trait of this breed, they also very much depend their eyes and ears being a important characteristic of the collie. The collie is exactly like we have all seen on the television, gentle, devoted and well mannered; it is a dog with a long history and heritage. These kinds of dogs do need a lot of mental and physical exercise and stimulation; otherwise they can become slightly frustrated. But they are a very sensitive, also willing to please their owner and have immense intelligence. Some breeds can also be a little stubborn as we all can! And watch out for some that can nip at your heels during play times.

A little tip on the care and health of a collie would be to give them a good walk or gentle jog outdoors most days, and interact and play with them on every possible occasion. Herding is a great form of exercise, mental stimulation and a little play. Collies are mainly dogs that can want to live outside, so buying a dog kennel, building a home and inserting a choice of soft dog beds is a must, with the very cold winter weather in the UK choosing the best time to keep your dog inside or outside is something to keep an eye on, remembering this dog is a very family dog and is truly happiest indoors and around other family keeps it part of something special.. a family unit.

Key Points:

  • A very energetic dog
  • Needs regular exercise
  • Needs stimulating mentally
  • Very affectionate
  • Great watchdog


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