Cheap Dog Cushions

cheap dog cushionCheap Dog Cushions

These Cheap Dog Cushions are a very cost efficient way to keep your dog happy and believe it or not some dogs actually prefer just to sleep on a cushion right next to the winter fire, one of this weeks cheap dog supplies chosen products is the branded by ancol timberwolf faux suede dog cushions which is a very good way of getting a high quality but cheap dog beds. These are made by ancol and are beautifully made and are made with very high performance products, faux suede in a lighter cream on one side and with a darker brown fleece on the other. They are easy to clean by throwing into the washing machine at a low heat and prices start from only £6.89 plus delivery.

By using these great materials they are utilising the very best in dog friendly products about today and they are actually very tough, but tough too. They also come in 5 various sizes to suit your sized dog, so if you have a small yorkshire terrier then perhaps a small dog cushion at 45cm x 35cm may suit, but if you have a brown labrador then maybe a larger size like the 100cm x 60cm would be much better and still coming in at only just under £18! We think this is absolutely amazing and such great value for both owner and dog. There are also sizes in 60cm x 50cm, 75cm x 55cm and also 90cm x 60cm, they all get very well packaged in clear plastic keeping them fresh and new until they are opened with all their product tags on the outers. With the season ripe and upon us, this is the perfect time to get your dog a new bed to keep warm in this winters nights, or even treat your pooch for Christmas this year.

We highly suggest having at look at this particular cheap dog cushions within the great range of cheap dog beds.

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