Animal and Equine Therapy and Reiki

Sometimes it feels as if the only true love and loyalty is from our animal friends. Every time I walk through my front door, without fail, I’m greeted with true pleasure by my two canine companions.

We know, in the most part, that we will outlive these wonderful companions, and the pain this will undoubtedly cause us, yet we still choose their presence because we love them so much.

As animal lovers, we know that they come with a cost: dog supplies, food, insurance, vet’s bills, training aids, classes/lessons and so on. But sometimes we forget that every being has more to it than just the fundamental needs. All creatures have a spiritual, emotional and physical combination of needs that dictate whether or not they are happy and well. Often an animal can present with a persistent condition that a vet can just not get on top of, perhaps a skin or stomach condition. This is often because it is the last symptom of a much more complex set of issues. As animals cannot tell us what is wrong in a detailed way the problem will often be left untreated and the animal will be left with a host of issues. Other symptoms may well arise which will then be treated in much the same way.

Reiki is the ideal treatment for many animals. Hampshire Holistic Practice are a Equine Reiki Bishops Waltham  specialist providing the best service at all times that is paramount to the aminal and owner. They can be treated on a much deeper level, resolving the main issues and not just the symptoms. Animals instinctively understand reiki, they feel it and know it: they do not have the mental barriers we have or the preconceived ideas of its effects or results. They let it do what it needs to and have no judgement on it.

Whilst many pet owners are prepared to spend sometimes thousands of pounds on vet bills, many are still reluctant to spend a little on holistic therapies for their beloved animals. Perhaps this seems too indulgent? We still seem to live lives where we are reactive rather than proactive. It’s not until the insurance company stops paying out for the cat’s medication that we may suddenly look for an alternative, buy what about the cat in all of this? A chronic condition is screaming ‘I’m not happy!’

Animals are not sentient in the same way as we are but they are feeling and emotional and reactive. It is quite possible that, due to their lack of social limitation, they are also more open to the spiritual than we are. So embrace the holistic approach to treating the creatures you love. They work entirely holistically: they do not consciously choose any need over another. Of course serious medical conditions should always be treated by a vet in the first instance, but always bear in mind that reiki and animals are perfectly matched!

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